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Crossfire - Demon (Искали песню 10 раз)
(Dave Hill-Steve Watts)(Cloth Cap Songs)

Caught us standing in the crossfire

Caught us standing in the crossfire

Don't make a move

The tension is rising

It's a suicide trip

No time for heroes

The runaway's a frightening sight

Staring through bloodshot eyes

Caught us standing in the crossfire

Caught us standing in the crossfire

We'd have been there by now

Breathing the free air

I'd waited so long

To walk in the sunshine

It's all someone else's fight

Who the hell's got the God given right?

Caught us standing in the crossfire

Held a gun against my head

Demanded some strange destination

Some poor souls been left for dead

So while you think of me

Remember this

If freedom's worth fighting for

Don't give in

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